A view along Sylvia Ridge

Tucked in between the lower  Wyoochee and Satsop river valleys are a series of ridge lines.  Easily accessible, a morning exploring them is time well spent.  This area of the Peninsula is a mix of private and public forested area.  For the most part they are working forests and trails and old logging roads abound.  Looking north, the majestic Olympic Mountain peaks often are seen.  Well, when the fog lifts I should say.


Looking North

The mix of Douglas Fir, Hemlock and Cedar dominate the commercial logging.  Here and there are stands of Alder and where creeks wind their way through the hills and forests, dense undergrowth and wildlife.  The morning spent here was directly outside Montesano Wa.  Another nice aspect of these semi-remote places is dogs can run…..a favorite of Barney the wonder dog.

While everyone enjoys the natural aspect of our forests, these ridge lines offer another view.  Logging.  This area has a rich history in the commercial logging industry.  If you have never seen logging, these ridge lines offer a way to sit back…..safely I might add…..and observe first hand something that many people just don’t get to see.  It really is a ballet between men, machines, and the forest itself.  Come to think about it….that give me an idea for a video.


Looking West