Small pond at sunrise along the Satsop River


There is so much life in the backwaters of the Olympic Peninsula it is often difficult to describe the scope.  This morning was relatively nice.  34 degrees, clear sky, no wind.  Having been up quite early I thought I would take a short drive to the Satsop River and check in at a small pond that I like to keep an eye on.  Maybe get a nice sunrise shot.

screen-shot-2017-01-28-at-8-55-15-amBarney the wonder dog came along and found an old tennis ball right off the bat.  I knew it was going to be a good little trip.

Approaching the pond there was a pair of river otters doing their river otter thing.  Wasn’t set up yet so didn’t take a very good photo….but at least I got something.  Water foul were prowling the banks as as enough light began to light the marsh I looked down and was standing on top of a full grown beaver.screen-shot-2017-01-28-at-8-54-39-am

It had died overnight.  It is hard to describe the size of these beavers.  Much bigger than you imagine.  I took a picture of my size 14 shoe next to it to give you a little scale.  The cycle of life on these ponds is never changing.  Don’t be sad, he lived a long full beaver life, and from the looks of him….a well fed one.  Now that I know beavers work this pond I will make an effort to find the den.  Where there is one beaver….there are always more.


The sun started to rise over the small couple acre pond and did manage to capture a typical sunrise.  The beauty of these wild areas are never captured well on film, yet we try.

The mist rising, the fog lifting, the sun climbing into the sky.  It is different on every morning yet the same.  Life in the Olympic Peninsula.