Visit to local fish hatchery

Local caught Rainbow Trout....secret location!

Local caught Rainbow Trout I caught….secret location! Pic available on shutterstock

Well the fishing is good in the lakes and streams.  We have people coming from all over the world to fish for salmon, steelhead and the such.  Us locals are privy to a special treat though.  We know where the little lakes and out of the way streams are.

We have a great program in our local hatchery programs and I took the camera in for a quick look at one of the feeding pens.  This one below is some stock footage I took of 2-3 years old Rainbow trout about to be released in local lakes.  The pic above is one of my catches this year.  A nice five pounder.   Grab your pole….head to the Olympic Peninsula and get ready to catch fish.

Stock footage I took of local feeding hatchery

Stock footage I took of local feeding hatchery CLICK picture to go to video storage site