Widdel Baby River Otters


Baby River Otters along the Satsop River

What I know about River Otters wouldn’t fill a small brochure, but I’m pretty sure they return to have more little otters.  At least that is my plan.

Stopping on a small remote bridge over the West Fork of the Lower Satsop River, I set up to take a daybreak shot.  Beautiful river and one of my favorite places to go.  Always different in every season and every light.  Wild, and fairly remote in it’s upper stretches.

Down below me my eye caught movement and to my surprise, there were two little baby river otters darting in and out of their den in the river bank.  Fairly swiftly moving water, which surprised me. I would have assumed mom would have set up a den in a calm eddy to, but then again…..they guys are born swimmers and probably keeps less aquatic creatures away from her babies.  Mom knows best.

These little guys were fast.  I mean really really fast.

I had about a two minute window after taking out my camera and took a dozen or so pictures.  There just wasn’t time to set for manual shutter speeds, proper focus etc.  They were only about 20 feet down and two my right.  Putting up a couple of pictures here as I am sure most have not seen little otters as they emerge from their den.  Considering how very small they were, I would guess 6-9″ long, they must have been on one of their first swims.

I was able to get a quick shot of mom, who after she popped up her head out of the water, saw me, gave some sort of otter signal and the family quickly dove into the hole in the brush and into the den.

I know where the den is now…….and will be paying attention to it over time and hopefully be able to take better photos or video in the future.

Satrap River

Satrap River